Ep. 147 Finding Your True Note: The Emotional + Spiritual Power of Voice with Stewart Pearce


Stewart Pearce is a world-renowned voice coach, an intuitive, and a seer of forty years. He was the highlight of a SoulCycle Legends retreat that Lindsey attended and, after teaching her how to find her true tone, we knew we had to introduce Stewart to all of you..

How many of us have a different voice that  answers the phone, that leads meetings, that  talks to a partner, that talks to children? Kind of crazy right?  As women, we often pitch up to sound more lady-like--yet, disconnected from our belly breath and gut instinct.  Your voice is connected to so much more than just your larynx – it’s deeply emotional + spiritual, and today we explore the dynamics of that relationship. We wanted to know what it meant and what it felt like to express from your true tone.  Also, as a special treat, Stewart leads us through a beautiful meditation in finding our true note!


We talk about…

  • Expressing your highest self

  • Stewart’s ethereal experience with sound

  • Growing up synaesthetic

  • Grounding yourself in the human experience

  • The relationship between exploring your sexual being + the development of your voice

  • Being a spiritual being having a human experience

  • How our relationships with the people around us affect our voice

  • Why we need to meditate

  • The physicality of your voice

  • Grounding yourself

  • Stewart’s relationship with Princess Diana