Ep. 146 A Lesson on Fasting, Breaking Sugar Addiction, and The Fountain of Youth with Superfood School Founder Lynnette Astaire


Today we chat with a great friend of ours, Lynnette Astaire, the Founder of Superfood School. Lynnette has an incredible story and a fascinating relationship with food, a tool she’s used to overcome PCOS and radiate from the inside out.



Just as a disclaimer for this episode: we talk a lot about juice fasting, but we’re not pushing anything or suggesting anyone do a fast necessarily. Our philosophy is always do what is best for your body! But Lynette’s take on fasting and the science behind it is unique.  We loved digging into the mental and spiritual awakenings she experiences during her fasts.


We talk about...


  • Lynnette’s famous green juice

  • The two different types of juicers

  • Why the most important part of a fast is how you break it

  • Lynnette’s journey with food

  • An entrepreneurial Rice Krispie Treat story

  • Learning how to run a franchise

  • The origins of Superfood School

  • Lynnette’s favorite superfoods

  • What you can do to get the nutrients you need when life is just too busy

  • The controversy around smoothies + juice fasting

  • How to break a sugar addiction

  • Impossible Burger VS Beyond Burger

  • What makes a healthy snack bar?

  • This cycle we call life



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