Ep. 136 Iconic Fashion Designer Nicole Miller on Her Fearless Approach to Bringing Her Visions to Life

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Today we’re talking to Nicole Miller—an ICON in the fashion world.  Thank you to Nicole for dressing us for every prom!! Nicole opened up her first shop on Madison Avenue in 1986 and since then she’s taken the fashion world by storm, finding creative ways to combine modern American concepts with the classic French techniques of haute couture.



We talk about...


  • Krista’s stylin’ Nicole Miller jacket

  • Studying fashion in France + the U.S.

  • There used to be the style of the seasons, but everybody wants to look different now

  • The blue sundress that catapulted Nicole’s career

  • What’s in style right now?

  • The purchasing mistake that led to a big score (and a cute outfit)

  • How Nicole met her husband

  • Nicole’s advice for young female entrepreneurs

  • The upcoming Nicole Miller collection

  • How Nicole creates a new collection, beginning with the prints

  • The Nicole Miller company culture

  • Nicole’s surprisingly chill reaction to people copying her designs

  • Embracing social media

  • What Nicole is excited for this year