Ep. 132 Amanda Chantal Bacon on Sex, Partnership, Accessible Self-Care + Her Moon Juice Empire

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Amanda Chantal Bacon (now Amanda Rogove) is a magical star seed. You heard us right. Amanda is the creator of Moon Juice, a world-traveling chef, a sustainable lifestyle leader, and a passionate food educator. What she’s been able to build with Moon Juice is of another planet. They always have what your body and soul have been craving. It’s delicious, beautiful, and it’s ethically sourced. Amanda + Moon Juice are truly a cosmic beacon for anyone seeking support and healing through the holistic lifestyle that we’ve seen change our lives and the lives of others!



But most importantly, this is a conversation that is just going to make you feel good. Amanda’s story, an epic journey, being in love… it just feels nice. We chat about...


  • The difficulty of always having to be “on” on social media

  • How Amanda met her husband + he became the love of her life

  • Shifting into your feminine energy

  • Why Amanda’s early years were emotionally trying + how she rebelled

  • Not going to college but still yearning to learn

  • What we’ve learned from psychedelic experiences

  • Naturally healing + feeling happy in your own body

  • Talking about sex with your kid

  • Cooking to relax

  • Amanda’s morning routine

  • A not-so-hot wellness tip: freeze-dried coffee!

  • Why there is no one-size-fits-all in wellness or self-care

  • Moon Juice is coming to Sephora!