Ep. 128 Building a Successful Biz on Your First Try with Queen of Kopari Beauty Gigi Goldman


Gigi Goldman and her husband Co-Founded Kopari Beauty just two years ago and it is already the go-to brand for coconut based beauty products– Kopari is all over Instagram and magazines, in Sephora and Nordstrom, and it’s no wonder why. Kopari products are INSANELY clean, effective and yummy! Clean, simple, and natural beauty options are vitally important, and we need people like Gigi out there changing the beauty industry as we all move forward and evolve as human beings.



You will fall in love with the way Gigi lives her life: no regrets or hesitation, putting full trust in the process and the choices that brought her to the present moment. She’s candid, present, and so down to Earth as we talk about...


  • Working as a reporter out of college

  • Using coconut oil for everything

  • Making beauty approachable, cool, & fun

  • Trying to force things VS flowing with the current

  • Sourcing coconut products the right way

  • Kopari’s project to build houses for coconut farmers

  • How digital advertising put Kopari on the map

  • Creating a business that fits into real lives

  • Listening to your customers

  • Connecting with your gut

  • Working with your husband + balancing being a mom

  • What’s next for Kopari

  • Being as pure as possible (and what that means)