Ep. 127 The Spirit Upgrade + Unlocking Your Intuition with Spiritual Guide and Psychic Medium, Natalie Miles


This episode changed Lindsey + Krista’s life... and it’s going to absolutely blow your mind. Natalie Miles is an intuitive spiritual guide & mentor who specializes in connecting people with their spirit guides, helping people find answers and clear blocks so that they feel more clear, confident, and connected.



Your conversations with an intuitive can be so heart and eye opening because the answers are already inside of you – but with some help from your spirit guides, your cheerleaders in the spiritual realm, you can really learn so much about who you are and how to navigate as a spiritual being on this Earth.


In this episode we talk deeply about…


  • When Natalie started getting downloads + messages

  • Intuitive circles in the UK

  • What spirit guides sound like

  • How you can start talking to your spirit guide + develop that skill

  • Our lifelong relationship with our main spirit guide

  • Knowing whether your guide is masculine or feminine

  • Choosing the human experience

  • Learning for your guide’s name

  • Being in a relationship as an intuitive

  • The challenges + benefits of growing up in an intuitive family

  • A crazy, scar story that Natalie has never shared before #ALMOST30EXCLUSIVE

  • Safely exploring your shadow side so you can continue to evolve

  • Learning what happened in your past lives

  • Connecting with your dreams

  • Lindsey + Krista’s sessions with Natalie (and the huge shifts they experienced)


Join Almost 30 + Natalie Miles in Seattle on August 11 @ 3:00 PM!!


What to expect:

  • Guided meditation for our Guides to step forward

  • An exclusive LIVE READING

  • Personal and collective unlocking of your intuition

  • Live Q&A with Natalie Miles

  • Natalie Miles’s conversation and messages with Spirit


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