Ep. 125 Hormone Expert Candace Burch Answers Your Questions on Hormone Imbalance, Low Libido, Waking Up Your Ovaries + More


Krista + Lindsey’s first episode with Candace Burch blew up #ALMOST30NATION, so we asked what you all wanted to know about hormone health, and today, Candace is back to answer all of your questions! Like how do you get off birth control naturally? How do you know which birth control is right for you? What does hormone imbalance look like?!



When it comes to our body, the answers aren’t always easy... but they are important! We discuss...


  • The Women’s Health Initiative’s first long-term study on synthetic hormones for women’s health

  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

  • Young women today having the same symptoms as women in menopause

  • What exactly ovulating is (and how to know when you’re not ovulating)

  • Why you may want to be on birth control

  • How you can wake your ovaries up

  • Researching new birth control options

  • Low libido in young women

  • The 11 different forms of estrogen in some milk

  • Endocrine disruptors (learn more from the Environmental Working Group at ERG.org)

  • How light affects you

  • Candace’s advice for coming off the pill

  • How adaptogens strengthen and nourish the adrenals

  • Candace’s thoughts on PCOS

  • Hormone health & digestion

  • The new challenges of the busy, modern world

  • Sexy Sugar Cleanse