Ep. 117 Redefining What It Means To Be Well: Candice Kumai on Acceptance, Letting Go + The Art of Kintsugi


Candice Kumai is the “Golden Girl of Wellness,” a professionally trained chef, best-selling author, wellness + food director, influencer, speaker, and leading wellness journalist. She was constantly struggling against other people's fears and insecurities while trying to work in food TV, so she went out on her own to connect with her soul’s purpose. As always, this conversation organically flowed every which way—so grateful for Candice’s candidness.  



Candice’s new book, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit, is a beautiful homage to her heritage and an enlightening perspective on holistic wellness. It’s different from most other wellness books and philosophies out there, and we dive into why.  She writes it in a way that is easily understood and applied.


Candice is also giving 3 copies of Kintsugi Wellness away to #ALMOST30NATION!! Learn more on our Instagram: @almost30podcast.


We get into...


  • Social media, trolls, and haters

  • Dealing with other people’s fears + insecurities when you work in mainstream media

  • Being a multifaceted hustler

  • Candice’s family + upbringing

  • Why Candice transitioned out of modeling

  • Getting cast in the first season of Top Chef

  • Leaving mainstream media to start writing + do something bigger

  • Love + relationships

  • Integrating her culture + heritage into a book that anyone can apply + understand

  • Standing up every time you fall down + constantly striving to improve

  • Welcoming the new while cherishing the old

  • Finding purpose

  • The importance of being kind (without letting people take advantage of you)

  • Taking time for yourself