Ep. 116 We’re All Going to Die: Celebrating Life Through the Lens of Death with Stefan Hunt


On the first night of Yeah Field Trip, a festival for the creative and the curious, an awesome speaker brought down the house: Stefan Hunt!!



Stefan talked about fear, taking ownership of fear, the relationship between fear + death, and changing our relationship with death – and we just had to share all of that awesomeness with #ALMOST30NATION. Through We’re All Going to Die - The Festival and some incredible art, Stefan is inspiring others to live more radically, pursue their dreams, and just be more alive.



We chat about...



  • Krista + Lindsey’s session on podcasting at Yeah Field Trip

  • Stefan’s honesty + authenticity in his opening speech

  • The inspiration for We’re All Going to Die - The Festival

  • Shifting your perspective around death

  • The integral role of art at WAGTD

  • Creating a deeper connection with the people around us

  • Choosing between a ‘what if’ and a ‘why not’

  • Why we fear death + avoid talking about it

  • Bringing the WAGTD Festival to the United States

  • Stefan’s work as a director

  • Volunteering with various global charities