Ep. 115 Follow Your Gut: Turning $600 into a Multi-Million Dollar Brand - with Daina Trout, CEO & Co-Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha


We like highlighting the stories behind the brands we love. That’s why we reached out to Daina Trout, the coolest Co-Founder in the land + the CEO of Health-Ade. She has an incredibly interesting, grass roots story – and she’s raw + honest about the struggle that all entrepreneurs experience along that journey.



Daina started Health-Ade Kombucha in 2012, alongside her husband and best friend. She was working in corporate America when she decided to pursue her passion for “real” food and develop the best-tasting, highest quality kombucha on the market. Under her fearless leadership, Health-Ade has grown from a small production, artisanal item made in a tiny apartment and sold at local farmers markets into the fastest growing brand in the category, now available in more than 12,000 stores and restaurants nationwide.


We talk about...


  • Create & Cultivate

  • Daina’s story

  • Why kombucha?

  • The struggle of starting a business

  • Keeping up with demand

  • Forcing yourself into the unknown

  • Tapping in to intuition

  • The ups + downs of starting a business with your husband + best friend

  • Why people invest in you

  • Women need to acquire more capital

  • Taking a 60% pay cut (and why it was a bad idea)

  • The kombucha scandal

  • What it means to make fermented food

  • Hitting goals

  • New flavors on the horizon