Ep. 105 (Pt 2) Yes We Cannabis: The History + The Future in Treatment with Perry Solomon of Cannabis Community, HelloMD


Today’s guest, Dr. Perry Solomon, is the Chief Medical Officer at HelloMD, the leading digital platform for the cannabis industry. HelloMD’s tagline is, “Nourish your mind, body and soul by learning and sharing in the largest medical cannabis community.” Joining the HelloMD community gives you access to medical professionals, cannabis experts, educational materials, and cannabis products by HelloMD partners. Say no more! You’re listening to Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Perry Solomon, where we continued our conversation of the medicinal efficacy of cannabis and CBD products.



We discuss…


  • Cannabis as a remedy for pain and a “health and wellness” supplement

  • How CBD can help reduce stress, anxiety, migraines, pain, menstrual cramps, sport related injuries, and insomnia

  • Why people were tricked into believing that cannabis is harmful to their health

  • Harry Anslinger: the godfather of cannabis prohibition

  • The roots of the opioid and heroin addiction crisis in the United States

  • How CBD oil- void of THC- is used in suppository form as a remedy for menstrual cramps

  • How run of the mill, generic CBD companies use hemp to produce CBD oils from areas that heavily rely on pesticide usage

  • Legalized “adult use” of marijuana in the state of California

  • Cannabis use terminology: “adult use” vs “recreational use”

  • The high tax on cannabis in California driving customers to the black market

  • Dr. Solomon’s thoughts on  “fake news” regarding cannabis and how to get the real deal info at HelloMD.


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