Ep. 102 Menstrual Discs, Period Woes, Sexuality, and Female Entrepreneurship with Lauren Schulte, CEO + Founder of The FLEX Company

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It was such a joy + a pleasure to interview Lauren Schulte, the CEO + Founder of The FLEX Company. We totally went there in today’s episode! From how to insert the disc, to experiencing painful vaginal infections, and even chatting about the way partners (without vaginas) say they feel about supporting women through PMS symptoms - we covered it all!



Lauren shares with us how she suffered in silence with intense period pain and subsequent infections. When Lauren’s doctor informed her that tampon usage could be culpable for her chronic issues, she quit using them immediately and tried more than 30 alternative feminine hygiene products from all over the world (including the menstrual cup).


Already a successful businesswoman herself, Lauren ditched her career in Silicon Valley to meet a HUGE need in the female healthcare market. Lauren decided it was time to invest appropriate resources into creating a solution to the period woes women all around the world could identify with. A perfect storm of personal experience and business + marketing smarts, Lauren’s initiative has changed the menstruation game with the best alternative to using tampons!


We discuss…

  • FLEX - A new period product called a “menstrual disc.” Tampons and menstrual cups, by design, “plug up” the vagina (causing cramping + bloating), while menstrual discs are meant to sit higher up, much like a diaphragm

  • How FLEX can be left in for 12 hours AND you can have sex while it’s inserted - no infections or cramps!

  • The way tampons absorb all bacteria, including the GOOD bacteria, and can often lead to an imbalance (+ subsequent vaginal infections)

  • Lauren’s transition from a career in Silicon Valley to becoming the Founder + CEO of a start-up (which included taking big risks + pitching to many male investors)

  • Navigating the imposter syndrome as a female/Founder + CEO

  • Addressing challenging relationship dynamics in the workplace through open and honest conversations (Lindsey + Krista also chime in on their experiences working together on Almost 30 Podcast)

  • How to give feedback well (Hint -  ALWAYS lead with inquiry)

  • Men who feel afraid and embarrassed about not knowing how to help their girlfriends through intrusive PMS symptoms

  • Being a leader - a people and performance manager - as the Founder + CEO and, thereafter, shaping the workplace culture

  • Lauren’s TEDx talk (in the works) - She plans to present the sociological understanding that there is no such thing as “gay” or “straight,” but rather sexuality is a spectrum ( + her own experience falling in love with a woman)

  • Men embracing their feminine energy in heterosexual relationships (not necessarily being effeminate)



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