Ep. 158 Eat Feel Fresh: Tri-Doshic Eating + Lifestyle Ayurveda for Everyday with Sahara Rose


We are hanging with our soul sister, the funny + beautiful, Sahara Rose. Everyone in our Secret Facebook group can’t stop talking about our first ever episode with Sahara, over a year ago. With her new GORGEOUS cookbook, Eat Feel Fresh, being released, we knew we had to have her back on. Sahara created this cookbook as a way to bring the beauty of Ayurveda to modern times in easy, accessible recipes that are sure to help you live more aligned with your doshas.

In the episode, you’ll get a run down of the 3 doshas (for a deeper look, listen to our first episode with Sahara), how she brought India to life in the pages of her new cookbook, and why it was important to her to work with local photographers for this project. We all had a good laugh over how Vata Lindsey is, and how Pitta Krista is - but Krista with those beautiful Kapha cheeks and Lindsey spending time on the toilet like a true Pitta, we dive into possible combos! PLUS the why behind the recipes Sahara chose to put in her cookbook. We also dish on dosha’s! Sahara shares why she knew she wanted to be with a Pitta guy, and how her dating experience with a Kapha helped her come to that realization. The two of us just couldn’t love this girl any more.

We also discuss...

  • Looking back at Sahara’s transition from her first book to her second  

  • What tri-doshic cooking is

  • The 6 tastes in Ayurveda  

  • Sahara’s favorite recipes in her cookbook

  • Tips on creating powerful passive income



Ep. 157 Overcoming Grief + Loss by Connecting to Spirit with Medium Tim Braun


Recent discussions in our Secret Facebook group inspired today’s episode.  So many of you have turned to the group for guidance and advice surrounding the pain of grief and loss.  How do we cope? Does it get easier? When our loved one’s pass, where do they go and how do they feel? Tim Braun is a world-renowned medium who has performed over 15,000 individual sittings across two decades, and has become the medium people connect with to heal in the wake of losing a loved one or immense loss.

Tim is so kind, funny, and intentional.  He does not filter what comes through from the other side.  His gift is to bring forth the messages from loved ones passed to those still in the physical world.  Lindsey has been sitting with Tim once a year for about three years. Each time, she experiences deep healing in connecting with her loved ones and friends who have passed.  Often times they have messages for her about what is currently happening in her life, which is immensely comforting and affirming that they are with us always.

We discuss…

  • Lindsey and Krista’s reading with Tim

  • Healthy ego + staying within our humbleness

  • When Tim realized he had his gift + how he learned to use it

  • Tim’s aspirations to be a talk show host

  • Getting some answers about aliens, psychics, and more

  • Tim’s skepticism

  • When we pass over

  • What Tim sees, hears, and feels during a reading

  • Grief, loss, and how to cope

  • Everyone has intuition!!

  • What it’s like at Tim’s live events

  • God giveth + God taketh


Ep. 156 #WhatsOnYourList? The Permission To Define How You Live Your Life with Sebastian Terry


Today we’re talking to Sebastian Terry, the founder of “100 Things” and “Kindsum”.  Sebastian is inspiring people all over the world to give themselves the permission to define how they want to live their lives.  . Sebastian first created a bucket list of 100 things after losing a dear friend at a young age. He reevaluated the way he was living his life and whether he was truly happy..

Sebastian’s priorities shifted and he dedicated his time to his list.  A list that lit him up and helped him to get to know himself better, to know what truly made him happy.  .Once the world caught on to Sebastian’s magnetic adventure, he started to ask others, #WhatsOnYourList? His book, TV series, and talks around the world are inspiring people to shake off what people think they should do, and follow what makes them truly happy.  

He’s also launching a new project designed to bring more happiness into the world, Kindsum, which you can think of as a TaskRabbit for kindness. He’s so incredibly genuine and fun, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to share his story, his mission, and his big heart.

And if you want to talk about what’s on your list and how #ALMOST30NATION can add more kindness to the world, head over to Facebook and join our Secret Facebook Group.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What high schoolers and middle schoolers think of 100 Things

  • Swimming with a shark, doing a handstand, marrying a stranger, and other incredible  things on Seb’s list

  • How the list grew into a community

  • Getting caught up in what you “should” do

  • The synchronicities that have occurred while pursuing his list

  • Getting offered a book deal

  • Seb’s feature on ESPN

  • Why helping someone run a half marathon has been one of the most meaningful experiences of Seb’s life

  • Discovering the commitment to help others

  • The 100 Things reality show

  • Bootstrapping + launching Kindsum

  • The incarcerated individuals who built Seb’s website


Ep. 155 Letting Your Soul Lead with Spiritual Medium + Channel Bree Melanson


Bree Melanson is a spiritual medium, channel, and soul trainer – but Bree isn’t your conventional psychic. She’s on a mission to make getting in resonance with love more accessible to everyone.  In this episode she uses her “spiritual straight talk” to help us understand the limitations of the ego and lift the divide between the physical and spiritual world. She is playful and funny...and as you’ll hear in the reading, our spirit guides are too!

This episode includes…

  • What exactly is the difference between being a medium and a channel?

  • When and why someone might seek out a channel

  • What blocks most of us from connecting to our higher selves

  • The ages of souls

  • The first time Bree has talked about her abductee experience

  • Creating boundaries as a medium + in her personal life

  • A mini live reading for Lindsey and Krista!

  • Bree’s spirit stories


Ep. 154 The Sacredness of Being Single with Lindsey Simcik


We’re doing more solo episodes to connect with all of you in #ALMOST30NATION, and today Lindsey is here with an intimate conversation all about the sacredness of being single. And even if you’re in a relationship, we know you will get a lot out of this episode as well.  The feeling of lonliness can visit us at any time– but being alone doesn’t have to be a time that you rush through or wish away. You can learn to collaborate with that energy to create something special!

If there’s something you want to hear about from Lindsey or Krista, if you have a question you just need to ask, or if you just want to hang out with a chill group of people, come join the Secret Facebook Group!

This episode includes…

  • How Lindsey grew up

  • Never being allowed to have a boyfriend

  • A Peter Pan freakout

  • AIM crushes

  • Lindsey’s first kiss

  • The relationships that were modeled in Lindsey’s childhood & what she grew to expect

  • Lindsey’s college relationship

  • The chaos of your early 20s

  • What comes up inside ourselves when we feel alone

  • The gifts and opportunities to collaborate that manifest in your time being single

  • This time is the main event

  • Creating rituals


Ep. 153 NOMADNESS: Creating a Tribe + Movement for People of Color Who Travel - with Evita Robinson


#Almost30nation! Hello friends! Excited to introduce you to this week’s guest. Evita Robinson founded the NOMADNESS Travel Tribe, a first-of-its-kind movement bringing together and representing the underrepresented in mainstream travel. Their mission is to show the world that travel has no racial, gender, religious, economic, or interest limitations through community representation and relevancy (like the $50,000,000 being injected into the travel industry every year).

In today’s political climate, it’s more important than ever to get out and travel, meet different people, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. It allows us to gain perspective and see ourselves as just a part of humanity; something to keep you modest, keep you grounded, and keep you connected to what’s REAL! We love the way Evita embodies this, and we know you are all going to love her.

We discuss…

  • A stark view of how people of color are underrepresented in the travel industry

  • The highs and lows of NOMADNESS’ group travel events (but mostly highs)

  • How NOMADNESS came to be

  • Reverse culture shock: when home feels like a foreign country

  • How Evita approaches building a community

  • Navigating a new challenge + stepping into your light

  • How social media changed travel

  • Evita’s relationship with spirituality

  • The Airbnb experience for people of color + partnering with Airbnb

  • Why you need people of color in your marketing teams + HR

  • Creating safe + sacred spaces

  • What’s next for NOMADNESS: the first U.S. festival for travelers of color!


Ep. 152 Savage Love: An Honest Look at Monogamy, Sex, & LGBTQ Rights with Dan Savage


While in Seattle, Lindsey + Krista had the privilege of hanging out with one of the city’s most influential and controversial figures: Dan Savage, the bestselling author, sex columnist, and activist for the LGBTQ community. Dan was so incredibly authentic, honest, and open during this conversation, and we are so happy to have explored some topics that we’ve never had the opportunity to cover in our show. Sometimes these conversations aren’t just fun, but completely change the way we perceive our world – and this is definitely one of those episodes.

You can find Dan sharing more of his thoughts and providing advice in the “Savage Love” column, his latest best-selling book American Savage, and in the Savage Lovecast.

Dan doesn’t hold back and he has a lot to say, so get excited for some Savage Love!

We talk about…

  • Why Dan lives in Seattle

  • The hardest thing Dan has ever had to do in his life

  • Dealing with criticism

  • Dan Savage in his early 20s

  • Slut shaming

  • Why and how we’ve made monogamy such a big deal in our society (and how that causes problems)

  • People opening up about their kinks

  • Starting the It Gets Better Project 10 years ago & where it is now

  • Where Dan gets his news

  • Hump: America’s best dirty film festival

  • Dan’s advice for his 20-year-old self


Ep. 151 Go With Your Gut for The Healthiest You with Robyn Youkilis


Robyn Youkilis is here and ready to talk gut health, emotional weight, and how we can take care of our bodies to better connect with our intuition. This is a girl who knows her genius – healing your gut + your emotional well-being – and we really admire the honesty and consistency in the way she communicates. We also fell in love with Robyn’s most recent book, Thin from Within: The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, a coaching guide and cookbook mashup that is designed to help you optimize your digestion and shed emotional and physical weight from the inside out.

And here’s a fun fact: Robyn is also intuitive, and she weaves that into her nutrition practice in some beautiful, effective ways. We also chat about…

  • Crying + Running = Crunning

  • Who was Robyn in her early 20s?

  • Getting certified at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • Emotional weight

  • How gut + intuition became Robyn’s focus

  • What should our poop look like?

  • How Robyn’s diet and eating have changed over the past decade

  • The rule of 5 plate

  • How to break a sugar addiction

  • What’s the best boozy beverage?

  • A shoutout to Cardi B

  • The ferocity of love

  • Breastfeeding

  • How do you train your mind + body to curb emotional and binge eating behaviors?