Ep. 130 Master Your Inner Mean Girl + Rock Your Relationships with Melissa Ambrosini


So many of us feel stuck in our relationships, in our jobs, and in our lives – but today, we’re talking about everything you need to know and do to get unstuck. Our guest, Melissa Ambrosini, is the bestselling author of two incredible books (Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Rocking Relationships and Soulful Sex + Mastering Your Mean Girl), the host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show, and a self-love teacher.  



Her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — is inspiring, and she’s a living, breathing, walking, talking example of what it means to live life on your own terms. We chat about...


  • How Melissa ended up in the hospital, hit rock bottom, and decided to change

  • The steps Melissa took to transform her own health + happiness

  • Overcoming with The Imposter Syndrome

  • Sharing your experience + speaking from your heart

  • Shifting your mindset to overcome an disordered relationship with food

  • Enrolling in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition + learning to understand food as medicine

  • 3 steps for silencing your Inner Mean Girl

  • How Melissa manifested her soul mate – and how you can too!

  • Soulful sex VS junkfood sex

  • Stepping away from relationships that no longer serve you

  • Nourishing your most important relationships with love + attention

  • How to practice crystal clear communication



Ep. 129 How to Become a Rich Bitch: The Language of Money, Dealing with Debt + Negotiating Everything with Nicole Lapin


As women, we need to have more money to have more power and change the world, so we are trying to get on the right side of finance, #ALMOST30NATION! And we don’t know anyone who makes finances and money more approachable than Nicole Lapin, the NYT bestselling author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch and the host of Hatched on CBS.



So if you want to feel empowered and don’t know where to start, look no further! We talk about…


  • Sex toys, Pure Romance parties, and coconut oil lube (shout out to Woo for Play!)

  • How Nicole’s money mindset changed over the years

  • Faking it until you make it in your first job

  • Diving headfirst into the world of finance

  • Translating the language of money

  • Making what you do something that you love

  • What you need to know and do before you quit your job to pursue your side hustle

  • Why you might want to choose to rent over buying

  • “Conventional wisdom” about money VS real world TRUTHS about money

  • Preparing for retirement

  • Managing multiple streams of income

  • Having difficult conversations about money & debt in your relationships

  • The 3 F’s: Family, finance, & fun

  • Questions from YOU in the Facebook Group

  • Fun fact: EVERYTHING is negotiable. You can even negotiate the interest rate on your credit card or medical debt!

  • Not all debt is created equal – so you need to know how to tackle it intelligently

  • Nicole’s favorite money-saving hacks

  • The 3 E’s: Essentials, endgame, & extras

  • Nicole’s journey with IVF



Ep. 128 Building a Successful Biz on Your First Try with Queen of Kopari Beauty Gigi Goldman


Gigi Goldman and her husband Co-Founded Kopari Beauty just two years ago and it is already the go-to brand for coconut based beauty products– Kopari is all over Instagram and magazines, in Sephora and Nordstrom, and it’s no wonder why. Kopari products are INSANELY clean, effective and yummy! Clean, simple, and natural beauty options are vitally important, and we need people like Gigi out there changing the beauty industry as we all move forward and evolve as human beings.



You will fall in love with the way Gigi lives her life: no regrets or hesitation, putting full trust in the process and the choices that brought her to the present moment. She’s candid, present, and so down to Earth as we talk about...


  • Working as a reporter out of college

  • Using coconut oil for everything

  • Making beauty approachable, cool, & fun

  • Trying to force things VS flowing with the current

  • Sourcing coconut products the right way

  • Kopari’s project to build houses for coconut farmers

  • How digital advertising put Kopari on the map

  • Creating a business that fits into real lives

  • Listening to your customers

  • Connecting with your gut

  • Working with your husband + balancing being a mom

  • What’s next for Kopari

  • Being as pure as possible (and what that means)



Ep. 127 The Spirit Upgrade + Unlocking Your Intuition with Spiritual Guide and Psychic Medium, Natalie Miles


This episode changed Lindsey + Krista’s life... and it’s going to absolutely blow your mind. Natalie Miles is an intuitive spiritual guide & mentor who specializes in connecting people with their spirit guides, helping people find answers and clear blocks so that they feel more clear, confident, and connected.



Your conversations with an intuitive can be so heart and eye opening because the answers are already inside of you – but with some help from your spirit guides, your cheerleaders in the spiritual realm, you can really learn so much about who you are and how to navigate as a spiritual being on this Earth.


In this episode we talk deeply about…


  • When Natalie started getting downloads + messages

  • Intuitive circles in the UK

  • What spirit guides sound like

  • How you can start talking to your spirit guide + develop that skill

  • Our lifelong relationship with our main spirit guide

  • Knowing whether your guide is masculine or feminine

  • Choosing the human experience

  • Learning for your guide’s name

  • Being in a relationship as an intuitive

  • The challenges + benefits of growing up in an intuitive family

  • A crazy, scar story that Natalie has never shared before #ALMOST30EXCLUSIVE

  • Safely exploring your shadow side so you can continue to evolve

  • Learning what happened in your past lives

  • Connecting with your dreams

  • Lindsey + Krista’s sessions with Natalie (and the huge shifts they experienced)


Join Almost 30 + Natalie Miles in Seattle on August 11 @ 3:00 PM!!


What to expect:

  • Guided meditation for our Guides to step forward

  • An exclusive LIVE READING

  • Personal and collective unlocking of your intuition

  • Live Q&A with Natalie Miles

  • Natalie Miles’s conversation and messages with Spirit


Want a ticket?! Click here to RSVP.



Ep. 126 Breaking Bad Habits + The Science of Being Happy with Loretta Breuning


Almost 30 is all about tools, tricks, and insights that anyone can use to feel happier and more aligned as they navigate the big transitions in their life… but we’ve never really talked about WHY people feel happy. Like what’s going in these mammal brains of ours? So Lindsey + Krista sat down with Loretta Breuning, PhD, a professor, an author, and the Founder of The Inner Mammal Institute. Loretta teaches people how to build power over their mammalian brain chemistry and understand nature’s operating system.



Because if we understand the science of what’s happening when we form habits or feel a certain way, we have the power to manipulate those chemicals, rewire our brains, and ultimately, live a better life. Are you ready to make peace with your inner mammal?


We discuss…


  • Early brain development

  • Why it’s so difficult to create new neural pathways in our brains after puberty

  • Our impulse to want more

  • Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, & endorphin

  • The medical model VS the animal world

  • Ups + downs being NORMAL

  • Do animals have memories like we do?

  • Why the size of your brain directly correlates to the length of childhood (and the animal with the biggest brain)

  • The amazing miracle of reproduction

  • Breaking an addictive habit

  • Getting back to neutral after experiencing trauma

  • Endorphins + GABA

  • Every single person being wired for an individual experience (and feeling a little different from the herd)



Ep. 125 Hormone Expert Candace Burch Answers Your Questions on Hormone Imbalance, Low Libido, Waking Up Your Ovaries + More


Krista + Lindsey’s first episode with Candace Burch blew up #ALMOST30NATION, so we asked what you all wanted to know about hormone health, and today, Candace is back to answer all of your questions! Like how do you get off birth control naturally? How do you know which birth control is right for you? What does hormone imbalance look like?!



When it comes to our body, the answers aren’t always easy... but they are important! We discuss...


  • The Women’s Health Initiative’s first long-term study on synthetic hormones for women’s health

  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

  • Young women today having the same symptoms as women in menopause

  • What exactly ovulating is (and how to know when you’re not ovulating)

  • Why you may want to be on birth control

  • How you can wake your ovaries up

  • Researching new birth control options

  • Low libido in young women

  • The 11 different forms of estrogen in some milk

  • Endocrine disruptors (learn more from the Environmental Working Group at ERG.org)

  • How light affects you

  • Candace’s advice for coming off the pill

  • How adaptogens strengthen and nourish the adrenals

  • Candace’s thoughts on PCOS

  • Hormone health & digestion

  • The new challenges of the busy, modern world

  • Sexy Sugar Cleanse



Ep. 124 Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice: Manifesting from the Realm of Potential + Possibility with Connie Kaplan


Krista + Lindsey have been dying to talk about dreams forever, so they put the call out there and manifested the lovely Connie Kaplan. Connie is a spiritual mentor who teaches dreaming as a spiritual practice and a unique form of theology, which centers around an understanding of each person’s life purpose.



Connie found her calling after contracting a mysterious virus and spending nearly two years of her life in bed. She slept, and she slept and slept and slept, and she experienced a profound spiritual transformation which altered not only her inner experience of life but her outer expression of life.


We kind of pass dreams off as being silly, crazy, or dumb, but they have a deep meaning and purpose. We spend half of our lives in this unconscious state – there’s so much happening and so much to be learned, if we choose to take control of it and use it as a method to transform. This conversation gets a little out there, but you know us! We talk about…


  • The illness that changed Connie’s life

  • How the moon affects our dreams + tracking your dreams according to the lunar cycle

  • Everyone’s unique dreaming pattern

  • Dreaming to heal

  • Collective dreams about 9/11

  • How dreams allow our subconscious minds to communicate with the collective energies

  • Heather’s dream pillow

  • The 13 different types of dreams

  • Menstruation + dreams

  • The unique chakra system that Connie received as a download

  • Doing the subconscious work

  • Jungian vs Freudian analysis

  • Using a dream journal


Are you ready to see Almost 30 LIVE?! We can’t wait to see all of you, but you better hurry because the tickets are going fast! You can find all the deets and get your tickets at almost30podcast.com/tour.



Ep. 123 It Ain’t Weak to Speak: A Conversation on Mental Health + Breaking the Stigma - with Sam Webb of LIVIN.org


Today’s episode is an important conversation. 1 in 7 young people experience a mental illness in any given year, and far too many suffer in silence due to the stigma that surrounds mental health and lack of understanding. Sam Webb, Co-Founder of LIVIN.org, is on a mission to change this.  



Sam is championing a space where people feel comfortable talking about any mental health issues, and any emotions that feel so overwhelming you can’t cope with them on your own. He is a bright light that has experienced a lot of darkness. Since his best friends suicide, Sam has made it his mission to promote the mantra “It Ain’t Weak to Speak” to save others who might be suffering silently.


Sam reminds us that that our presence, our listening and caring ear, our encouragement to find help, can change someone’s life.


If you or anyone you know are having thoughts of suicide, there is always someone available to listen:


We talk about…


  • The tragic origin story of LIVIN

  • Making the conversation around mental health cool

  • Asking for help

  • The lack of understanding around mental illness

  • Sam’s own mental health journey

  • The relationship between masculinity and silence

  • Substance abuse and mental health

  • The sleep deprivation epidemic

  • Sam’s self-care routine

  • Experiencing compassion fatigue

  • Why listening is THE most important thing when someone is seeking support

  • Giving people the tools to seek and help + identify warning signs

  • Feeling alone being part of the mental health challenge

  • Working with parents + helping them listen

  • Finding the unique mental health “workout” that works best for you