Ep. 140 #ItsMiracleSeason: The Bachelorette’s Eric Bigger on Relationships, The Art of Listening and Diversity in Reality TV


So many people in the Secret Facebook Group have been talking about it, so today #ALMOST30NATION is invading Bachelorette Nation for a conversation with Eric Bigger, previously a cast member on The Bachelorette Season 13, currently a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 (which just premiered on August 7th) – and so so so much more than that!



Eric offers us a peek behind the scenes of a reality TV show, dishes on all the dirt, and offers an interesting perspective on the lack of diversity in shows like these. Of course, it’s not all reality TV. We also chat about...


  • Krista + Eric have the same birthday

  • Dating on TV + in the real world

  • Listening to understand, not be understood

  • Being “emotion rich” (as opposed to material rich)

  • Understanding why people cheat

  • Commitment isn’t the same thing for everyone

  • Connecting with the other men on The Bachelorette

  • Being told to “tone it down” + “not be too deep”

  • Becoming a new-age role model

  • Diversity in Reality TV

  • What Eric does at the end of day

  • What The Bachelorette house is like on a day-to-day basis

  • The 600-question questionnaire contestants have to fill out

  • How being on The Bachelorette has affected Eric’s dating life



Ep. 139 Dave Asprey (Founder of Bulletproof Coffee) on Spiritual Evolution, Becoming a Biohacker, Hormone Health, & His Entrepreneurial Journey

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You’ve probably already heard of Dave Asprey, or at least Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet. It’s pretty much grown from a trend to a phenomenon over the past couple years. Lindsey + Krista, honestly, didn’t quite know what Dave would be like in an interview – but Dave really showed up for this conversation and, as you’ll hear, he is truly passionate about the brand, the mission, and the movement behind Bulletproof.



We were also able to ask a lot of your questions in this episode! We love being able to bring all of you into the conversation, before and after the episode. So if you want to talk Bulletproof with #ALMOST30NATION (or provide your own insight and commentary for future episodes), click here to join the secret Facebook group!


This episode includes…


  • How Dave made a small fortune by the time he was 26... and then lost it when he was 28

  • Being the first person to sell a product over the internet

  • The connection between gut health + brain health

  • Importing smart drugs from Europe

  • Dave’s journey building the Bulletproof brand + business

  • You are simultaneously a rational human being + an irrational animal

  • Raising $50M+ in funding for Bulletproof

  • How holotropic breathing (a successor to Stanislav Grof’s LSD-based psychedelic therapy) transformed Dave’s life

  • The biology of belief

  • Why younger people are wiser today than they were 40 years ago

  • What you eat affects how you feel – more than anything else!

  • If you stop doing the things that make you weak, that’s more powerful than doing the things that make you strong

  • Ketones + ketosis

  • The relationship between Bulletproof, ketones, ketosis, and hormones

  • Intermittent fasting for women

  • Why almost every spiritual traditional has an element of fasting

  • The staples of the Bulletproof diet that everyone should be leveraging

  • How inflammatory foods affect you days later

  • What’s up with coffee?

  • Dave’s favorite biohack right now



Ep. 138 Wonder over Worry: Dropping the Shame, Getting Unstuck + Rewriting the Story of Your Life with Amber Rae


Amber Rae is an artist, writer, creative, and curious human being – and joins the girls this week for an in-depth, candid conversation about the stories we tell ourselves. If you’ve ever found yourself in a job, a situation, or a relationship where you’ve felt stuck or weighed down, Amber has been there too and has written a beautiful, relatable book to help others ignite their curiosity and move through their fear.



Choose Wonder Over Worry: Move Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential is helping people all over the world become unstuck and conquer their fears, and we are so excited to share it with #ALMOST30NATION. Keep your eyes on Instagram (@almost30podcast) because we’ll also be giving away three copies of the book!


Another thing that kind of blew us away about this conversation was the level of vulnerability and honesty that Amber shares. She’s already caused us to start thinking more about being really honest and open with our feelings so that we can expand and grow, in our relationships and just our lives in general, and we know she’ll help all of you grow as well! We chat about…


  • Creating a story about your life that doesn’t serve you – and then rewriting it!

  • Learning to listen to your intuition

  • Numbing yourself with pharmaceuticals + overcoming an addiction to Adderall

  • Losing your father as a child

  • Our relationship with death

  • We always find the evidence for what we choose to believe

  • The unique process Amber went through to write her book

  • Becoming aware of the story you tell yourself

  • What scientific insights Amber learned while researching her book

  • Fear of being radically raw + open

  • Open relationships

  • Dropping the shame around doing things differently

  • Being a shadow artist: someone who is behind other people, helping to elevate and push them forward because they’re afraid to step into the light

  • Living your life out of alignment



Ep. 137 The Importance and Impermanence of Your Feelings—A Conversation on Mental Health with Ban.do Founder Jen Gotch

Image from iOS.jpg

Jen Gotch walked in for this episode wearing the most beautiful, colorful, happy dress: exactly what you’d expect from the creator of ban.do, an inspiring + positive lifestyle brand that’s grown tremendously since it began as a one-of-a-kind hair accessories company.



Jen is very transparent about how she is feeling on her good days and her bad days (which you know if you follow her on Instagram @jengotch). Jen is open about the mental health struggles she’s dealt with throughout her life, and she has been diligently learning to get closer to who she really is and care for herself – all the while building this incredible brand.


If you want to join in on this conversation, head over to the secret Facebook group!


We talk about...


  • Social media

  • Needing to leave the place you grew up

  • Learning to own your creativity

  • Starting in LA as a prop and food stylist

  • Launching ban.do as a side project

  • The difficult transitional period that is your 20s

  • Emotional intelligence + becoming self-aware

  • Finding a therapist (get help finding one for you at Advekit)

  • What fuels Jen’s creativity

  • Getting dressed makes you feel better!

  • How social media changed ban.do

  • Creating a unique planner

  • Jen’s relationship with spirituality

  • When & why Jen sold her company

  • Celebrating 10 years of ban.do

  • Supporting a brand you can connect with

  • Jen’s advice for others struggling with anxiety

  • The difference between self-deprecating or self-soothing and self-care



Ep. 136 Iconic Fashion Designer Nicole Miller on Her Fearless Approach to Bringing Her Visions to Life

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Today we’re talking to Nicole Miller—an ICON in the fashion world.  Thank you to Nicole for dressing us for every prom!! Nicole opened up her first shop on Madison Avenue in 1986 and since then she’s taken the fashion world by storm, finding creative ways to combine modern American concepts with the classic French techniques of haute couture.



We talk about...


  • Krista’s stylin’ Nicole Miller jacket

  • Studying fashion in France + the U.S.

  • There used to be the style of the seasons, but everybody wants to look different now

  • The blue sundress that catapulted Nicole’s career

  • What’s in style right now?

  • The purchasing mistake that led to a big score (and a cute outfit)

  • How Nicole met her husband

  • Nicole’s advice for young female entrepreneurs

  • The upcoming Nicole Miller collection

  • How Nicole creates a new collection, beginning with the prints

  • The Nicole Miller company culture

  • Nicole’s surprisingly chill reaction to people copying her designs

  • Embracing social media

  • What Nicole is excited for this year



Ep. 135 Family Constellations: Connecting Your Inner Child to Your Adult Self + Healing Generational Trauma with Marine Sélénée


You may not know it (at least not yet), but your family story might be the one thing holding you back from success.



We can’t change our parents or our family – and we can’t change what’s already happened – but we can change our perception around it. Unresolved traumatic events in your family can hinder how happiness and success flow to us in the present and future.  Marine Sélénée is a Family Constellations specialist who is dedicated to bringing peace, love, and respect to families. Krista + Lindsey can attest that Family Constellations will help you break free from any negative painful patterns – and it will be life changing.


After hitting rock bottom at the age of 25, Marine started her own healing journey and discovered the power of Family Constellations firsthand. Now she shares that gift with others, helping people finally bring order back to their lives, make peace with what was, and accept what they did receive and did not receive. We talk about…


  • Moving from France to the U.S.

  • Hitting rock bottom at the age of 25 + going through a spiritual awakening

  • Starving to be be seen, to be heard, and to be recognized

  • Everyone has a different perception

  • Why you can’t heal unconscious, underlying problems in your family – you need to unearth them

  • The little boy or girl inside of you who is just waiting to be seen or heard

  • Storing trauma in your body + healing it

  • When a mom or dad might need their kid to take care of them

  • How to discover what affected you subconsciously

  • Why parents need to respect their children enough to tell them the truth, even when it’s hard

  • How you can be impacted by past generations, beyond your mother and father

  • Practicing acceptance + respect

  • Do we choose our parents?

  • Healing ghosts by recognizing them



Ep. 134 Nascar Champion Julia Landauer on Breaking the Social Limitations Placed on Women


Today we have a bonafide #bossbabe and pioneer: Julia Landauer, a NASCAR driver and two-time champion who is empowering women all over the world.

After becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Track Championship at Motor Mile Speedway in her division, Julia graduated to the televised NASCAR K&N Pro Series West. She finished 4th in the K&N championship, becoming the highest finishing female in the series’ 64-year history. Plus, this girl is frickin’ smart – she graduated from Stanford with a BS in Science, Technology, and Society!

She is standing in her strengths and her light, paving the way not only for aspiring female racecar drivers but also for any women who want to live in their truth + what really makes them happy. We chat about…

  • How Julia (and the rest of her family) got into racing when she was a young girl

  • 15 years of racing experience at the age of 26

  • Going from go karting to stock car

  • Why there have been so few women in NASCAR

  • Being a female driver with an all-male pit crew

  • How parents can empower their children

  • Being on Survivor Season 26 (while attending college!)

  • What Julia learned from her experience on Survivor

  • Dealing with social media haters

  • Promoting Cars 3 with Disney

  • Driving at 174 miles per hour

  • Asking for help

  • Value comes in all different shapes and sizes

  • How the divine feminine has been beneficial as a racer



Ep. 133 Working with Shadow, The Four Steps to Magnetism & Manifesting Opulence with Lacy Phillips


Last time Lindsey + Krista talked to Lacy Phillips, the creative spirit and Manifestation Advisor behind Free and Native, she taught us how to manifest our dream lives. It was a life-changing conversation and we are all honored by the incredible support that #ALMOST30NATION has offered Lacy since. But we had to have Lacy back on the show because she has come so far since we last spoke to her!



One of Lacy’s gifts (and one of the reasons we love her so much) is that she’s an expander... she’s just so grounded and real, so comforting and inspiring, constantly holding a space for others to realize their own sense of self. We can’t say enough good things about her and we know this episode is going to change lives!


We discuss…


  • Overcoming whatever is blocking your opulence + abundance

  • De-conditioning what we’ve learned about money

  • Closing the portals in your life that don’t serve you

  • Unblocking your shadow

  • Filling the void in manifestation education

  • Understanding the energetics of manifestation

  • Finding expanders

  • How to differentiate between a sign and a test

  • An exercise you can do to tap into your body + practice intuiting

  • The 4 elements of pure magnetism



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